Sobre la empresa

Scopic is one of the world’s largest virtual companies. Founded in 2006, we have grown consistently by delivering innovative, cutting-edge software and marketing services for our clients and creating an empowering environment for our employees. We build and market software for clients and users around the globe. With 10+ years in the industry and 1000+ projects under our belt, we’ve powered software for Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Fintech, Healthcare, Food and Fitness, and Gaming.

Having led the remote work movement for the last 15 years, Scopic believes that flexible working hours and the ability to work from wherever you are in the world should be the norm. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect the art of working remotely through the integration of software that enables employees to maximize efficiency and streamline operations. If you’re looking for a work environment where you can leverage your skillset to work on your own terms while receiving a steady paycheck from a US-based company, then you belong with Scopic.