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Sobre la empresa

We provide staffing solutions for clients around the globe. We specialize in finding, training, and monitoring virtual assistants for our clients. Our VAs provide different professional services remotely but focus on the real estate, healthcare, and marketing industries. Our staff is dedicated to helping you empower your virtual office and maximize your productivity.

Our Mission:

VA Locator is on a crusade to offer the best services possible with an experienced team of professionals. Our staffing solutions are aimed to become a powerful alternative to the most common recruitment options. We specialize in providing services to the real estate, marketing, and healthcare industries, but we are always evolving to offer solutions to all kinds of companies.

Our Vision:

We envision creating an ecosystem where professionals from Latin America are able to offer their services at fair rates to companies in different parts of the world. We wish to help them grow while we also offer a solid alternative to big or small businesses that are looking to empower their remote operations. VA Locator’s leadership knows that remote work is the future, and we aim to make it accessible to everyone who decides to switch.